Still a marginal sport in Brazil, the rugby is having a quick and great development in Salvador da Bahia thanks to a few foreign fanatics initiative.
After 1 year of existence, Bahia Rugby Club already compete in several 7s a side tournament and played 2 games, of rugby union, for the Northeast region championship.

Today, 70 regular players split in 3 groups :
- adults group
- juniors group (the largest one)
- women group



Due to the lack of financial ressources, it is still difficult for us to travel for playing, so we would be very happy to receive all the interested teams in Salvador, in order to plan a game, and enjoy the oportunity to show our beautiful region.

We would be grateful to receive any rugby team with all the conviviality and friendship which make the strengh of this sport.

For more informations, please contact Stéphane Ettore via the website or writing an Email :


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