Bahia state offers a lot of different areas for trekking, however, Chapada Diamantina region ownes the richest ecosystem and the most beautiful landscapes all around the state.

Chapada Diamantina National Parc, with a surface area of 1.520 square metres, was created in 1985 aiming the preservation of this high plateau region. Here stands the “Pico do Barbado”, higher point of the region with an altitude of 2.033 metres.

The raining season goes from november up to february, nevertheless, important variations in temperatures are possible all the year long.



Lençois, small colonial city born around 1844 after the diamonds discovery, has been classified historic and artistic national heritage in 1973.

Although it is not the oldest city of the region (Rio de Contas was founded in 1725), Lençois is the touristic pearl of Chapada Diamantina and the starting point of most of the trekkers.

In a 30 kms circle around Lençois are located many marvellous spots which access is allowed by a full day trekking.




Main spots

- Sossêgo waterfall: 7 kms trekking

- Serrano

- Ribeirão do meio: 4 kms from Lençois

- Lapão Cave : 4,5 kms from Lençois.





The more experienced trekkers can enjoy a several days trekking, or even a several weeks trekking, choosing the appropriate routings.

- Devil’s Well : 20 kms from Lençois

- Morro do Pai Inacio: 30 kms from Lençois

- Fumaça Waterfall
3 days trekking to see a 420 metres waterfall, the highest in Brazil and, obviously, one of the most impressive. The fantastic panoramic view over the valley, from the top of the waterfall is absolutely breathtaking and unforgetable.



- Paty valley
7 days trekking crossing beautiful and varied landscapes This trek link Lençois to Andaraí.

And many others …





Did you know ?

- at the time of diamonds production, France had a vice-consulate in Lençois in order to facilitate the exportations.
- Xique Xique de Igatú, the stones city, is also known as brazilian Machu Pichu.
- Capão Valley is worldwide famous for UFO observation.
- many animals species are observed in the national parc including the very rare Beija-flor-gravata-vermelha bird.
- Fumaça waterfall, with 420 metres free fall, is the brazilian higher waterfall.


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